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MagnaPanel’s magnetic access panel hardware system solves many problems associated with plumbing, electrical, and mechanical access.

A typical tile project requires a variety of tradesmen installing framing, plumbing, electrical connections and sheetrock previous to installing tile. Unfortunately, it's sometimes difficult for tilesetters to perform tile installations properly with conditions that exist on many jobsites.

For example, a successful whirlpool tub installation requires careful planning and a coordinated effort from a large number of individuals. An average installation requires a Framer, a Plumber, an Electrician, electrical and plumbing Inspectors, a Sheetrock Hanger, a Sheetrock Finisher and a Tile Setter.

There are few other appliance installation projects that require so many trades working simultaneously to complete, so it's not unusual to encounter problems coordinating the sequence of construction. All of the aforementioned tradesmen would likely prefer to accomplish their tasks without having to make a second trip to the job site.

One solution to this dilemma is to fabricate magnetically attached access panels so these professionals can more easily gain access to perform their jobs and tilesetters can tile the deck, splash, and skirt, grouting all of it with the exception of the magnetic access panels, which are grouted or caulked seperately.

Photo - MagnaPanel installation example

In many tub installations, the rim of a tub is either down tight against the decking material or there is a non-uniform gap between the deck and the tub rim. This non-uniform gap may be caused by the fact that some whirlpool tubs are not perfectly flat. Another problem that can arise is that the space between the tub rim and the deck is sometimes the improper thickness to receive the selected tile because the underlying framing is usually completed before the tile selection is made by the customer. It's desirable to design an installation so that the ceramic tile decking continues underneath the tub rim and the tub rim is lightly in contact with the face of the tile.

An installation performed in this manner affords several advantages to the end user. One advantage is that the caulk joint is smaller and neater requiring less maintenance. Another advantage is that this arrangement is less likely to allow water to reach the decking substrate material.

It's also desirable to support the tub rim continuously so that vertical movement is eliminated. Ideally, the bottom of the tub should be fully supported from underneath so that when the tub is filled with water and occupants this weight is evenly distributed. Tub rims and tile assemblies are not designed to carry the weight of a tub filled with water.

With this kind of magnetic access panel, should mechanical or electrical failure occur while the tub is in service, repairs can be accomplished without destroying the ceramic tile installation to gain the necessary access.

The MagnaPanel Kit allows the fabrication of magnetically attached access panels at the job-site to accommodate all of the various trades.

The MagnaPanel Kit incorporates very high strength permanent magnets and lag bolts to secure any rigid panel material to the face of wood framing studs. The bolts are screwed into countersunk holes drilled into the stud faces, and the magnets are glued to the interior face of the access panel using a fast setting epoxy included with the kit. The magnets on the inside face of the panel attach to the heads of the bolts to hold the panel in place. Panels are made flush with surrounding surfaces by adjusting the bolts.

Panels may be constructed of virtually any type of panel material i.e. Backerboard, Plywood, Solid Surface material, etc. Your panels can be constructed to any reasonable size and shape.

Simply adding more magnet assemblies can accommodate large or heavy panels. Surface finishes on panels may include; ceramic tile, wood, masonry materials such as stone or brick, faux finishes or whatever is desired to blend in seamlessly with the adjacent fixed panels.

A typical installation can be completed within ten minutes after allowing the adhesive to set for 30 minutes. By incorporating high-strength magnets, MagnaPanel assures a solid, reliable panel fit for many years without having to resort to caulking, other sealants, or fasteners to hold access panels in place.

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Countertop and wall-mounted retail displays of the MagnaPanel Access Panel System are available for retailers.
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